Offset Printing

Offset printing
We can print any document in one to four colors on any type of paper, from sheets to cardstock, using the offset printing process.
We will provide you with paper samples with your quote if you ask for them.

We have an excellent team that can produce large volumes of printed matter within tight deadlines without losing sight of the importance of always producing high-quality work. Our offset operators are people with experience who practice their trade with a passion.

If you have any special requests, we also provide a complete range of after-printing services to make your documents look their best: cutting, folding, gathering, collating, inserting, stitching, binding, gluing and stapling. For every printing need, we have an answer.


Offset printing definition
Offset printing is the process most commonly used to
print high-quality material (books, brochures, newspapers, posters, etc.) The computer file of a document is inked onto photosensitive plates (one plate per color), then transferred (offset) to rubber-blanketed cylinders on the printing press. The inked areas (and the resulting image) on the cylinder are in turn transferred to paper while a water-based solution keeps the non-printing areas of the paper ink-free



Some examples of what we can produce for you:

From 100 to 500 000 copies

Poster Envelope
Agenda Label
Sticker Invoice multiple parts
Ticket Form multiple parts
Brochure Regular form
Calendar Note sheet
Complimentary card Newsletter
Business card Book
Christmas card Menu
Promotional card Corporate folder
Catalogue Post-it
Cheque Prescription
Flyer Program
File Folder Annual Report
Letterhead Magazine

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